woensdag 12 november 2008

I've been TAGGED!

I've been tagged by Karin . Thank you!
You would like to know seven truths about me.

Wel let's see:

- I love Great Britain! I don't come there as often as I would like, but I like the country and the traditions.

- I hate unjustice being done to people who can't defend themselves. Any unjustice is evil, but if people don't know how to handle it, I hate it.

- I love my little girl, Quinty, almost five years old and really having a mind of here own. But so very cute.

- I have been making cards for many years now, all kind of techniques I've tried, but stamping and lately making scrapcards is my great passion.

- I hate to clean our kitchen, I don't mind ironing, and I like to do our weekly shopping.

- Only 3 days until it's my birthday! I'm turning 38 (pff getting old) LOL

- I'm having a bit of trouble with my health at the moment, my physician thinks I'm having reumatism (don't know exactly how to put this in English), and so he send me to the hospital to gat checked out. Don't have any results as of yet. I'll keep you all posted.

Yeah, I made it.

Now for seven girls to get tagged by me:

- Inge
- Jeanet
- Marlene
- Irene
- Carmen
- Krista
- Betina

Hope you like it!

Hugs, Wilma

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